Thursday, 1 August 2013


I can officially now label myself a 'Cumberbitch', and I'm proud of that fact. I had caught a couple of episodes of 'Sherlock' here and there while they were on TV but, although I wanted to watch it, the BBC series somehow evaded me for 2 years. But then my friend offered to lend me her boxset and I'm fairly sure I'm now suitably obsessed. Since yesterday evening I've watched all 9 hours of the first two series, despite the 30 degree heat outside, meaning I'm just as pale as ever but probably not as unhappy about that as I should be. Ugh, it's just so perfect.
Every so often you find a series in which every episode is just as amazing as the one that came before it. Friends was the first. And then came 'North and South' and 'Emma' in terms of period drama. And then there was Merlin, Miranda and of course Downton Abbey (the last Christmas episode doesn't count, I've wiped that from my memory). And now we have Sherlock, and it might just be the best of the lot. There's a wonderful combination of serious drama and comedy about Sherlock that makes it a fantastic series which I hope will never become tired. And it's always nice to have a light-hearted drama on TV to counteract the increasingly depressing EastEnders. 
The reworking of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes character to modernise the well-known stories and bring them into today's London, works so well I'm pretty sure it's better than the Robert Downey Jr./ Jude Law films. And I'll be honest, much of that is down to
yes, Benedict Cumberbatch will be in every picture
the brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch. He basically makes the series and it's unlikely the whole thing would work so well without him. Additionally his pairing with Martin Freeman ('The Hobbit') as Dr. John Watson shows so much chemistry it's impossible to not believe that they're good friends. Although, having said that, I did keep shouting 'Martin' and 'Benedict' (I might have even called him 'Bennie' at some points which almost seems criminal) at the screen when something was going wrong, rather than 'Sherlock' or 'John'. Yeah... we'll forget that ever happened.

Actually it's probably a good thing I was home alone when I finally got round to watching the series because it's definitely the kind of show to get a little squealy about. Whether that's at the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch's beautiful face on screen, or yelling at him not to jump off that building... and then later becoming a teeny bit hysterical when he appeared alive in the graveyard. 
Ever since Sherlock faked his own death in the last episode the internet has been alive with conjecture as to how he did it. Personally I have absolutely no idea. Not a clue. Perhaps Mycroft helped, perhaps he didn't. Maybe the man on the bicycle who knocked over Watson was involved, maybe he wasn't. After much wondering I've decided it's probably best to just wait for the new series to find out, although the only person I would bet on being involved is Molly. And I want her and Sherlock to get together. Ugh, there I said it. Seriously it would be so, so cute. Hmmm, maybe I'll send Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss a letter one day. 

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with myself waiting for the next series of Sherlock - hopefully the rumours that the air date has been pushed back to 2014 are untrue as I'm not sure I can wait that long. It has been released this week that the brilliant Moriarty will be replaced by a new nemesis by the name of Charles Augustus Magnusson. I've never heard of that character before but I'm sure it will be great, even if it will be difficult to replace Andrew Scott's wonderfully mental Moriarty. And the only other clue we have about the next series are three words: Rat, wedding and bow. What the hell that means I have no idea - does it mean bow as in tying a bow?? or bow as in take a bow?? I'm guessing the last one but I can't be the only person confused, right?
Sherlock is without doubt the best series that's been on TV in a while - I can't believe I'm saying this but it might even beat Downton. And so for as long as I can I shall try to wait patiently until Sherlock returns, but meanwhile I think I might just have to order the boxset of the first two series and satisfy myself with those 6 episodes for the next few months. Seriously, 3 episodes does not constitute a series!!! 10/10


  1. I ship Sherlolly too! :D Well, I actually ship both Adlock and Sherlolly at the same time, but it would make me so happy if Sherlolly were to happen. I have hope.

    Sherlock is perfection. I love it even more than Doctor Who, and although Downton Abbey is my favorite show, I think Sherlock may be even better. I try not to think about the series three Downton Abbey Christmas Special either (well, the ending of it...which made me cry...sigh), but I can't. :(

    Anyway, Sherlock is definitely the best show that's been on in a while. The only episode I wasn't completely satisfied with was "The Blind Banker". The climax seemed too over-the-top to me. "A Scandal in Belgravia" is my favorite episode. I hope the third series comes out sooner than 2014. I don't think I can wait that long either.

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) I'm so glad it's not just me that wants Sherlock and Molly to get together, although I'm not all that keen on Adler :L her Sher-locked thing was genius though, kind of tempted to make that my password for everything now :L I do kind of agree with you about 'The Blind Banker' though, it all happened so quickly I don't think my brain could keep up with the whole thing :L Thanks again for commenting!!

  2. This is a great series--the modernization of Sherlock is perfect and fitting and completely believable. Having read the stories repeatedly, it's fun to see the writers nod to the original, sometimes straight up and sometimes obliquely but always cleverly done.

    Are you also a Call the Midwife fan? That's actually replaced Downton Abbey (which I am currently rewatching) as my favorite Brit drama. And Bletchley Circle was fabulous too--same era, somewhat similar setting, but vastly different plot lines.

    Now I'm waiting for August 10 and The White Queen to commence showing in the U.S.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog--we seem to have similar tastes in books and films.

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) I just finished reading The Hound of the Baskervilles and I was surprised at how much it differed from the series! The writers were so creative and I agree that all links back to the books are always cleverly done :) As for Call the Midwife I've tuned in to a couple of episodes but the more graphic (is that the right word?) parts with screaming mothers giving birth has kind of put me off a little, although I did see the episode when Chummy gave birth and couldn't leave the TV so maybe I'll give it a try next series :)... The White Queen has been great so far, although it took me 6 weeks to finally work out who all the characters were, but since then I've been hooked... I think we have about 2 episodes left here in the UK so in about 2 weeks hopefully I'll write a review :) Thanks again for commenting and I'll definitely stop by your blog again soon! :)

  3. I feel I must congratulate you on becoming not only a Sherlockian but also a Cumberbitch. You will never return to your ordinary social life. *nods*
    Do write a post about your thoughts on series 3 when you get to it, won't you?

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) And yeah I have to admit my life has never been the same since I discovered Benedict, glad that's not just me :)) I'm a little unsure where I stand with my blog at the moment and whether I'm going to carry on writing posts in the summer or not, but if I do write some more series 3 will definitely be one of them :) Thanks again for commenting!