Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy Thursday!

So Winnie the Pooh and Piglet were basically my childhood heroes and so I've named this post in testament to them. I think it's something about Pooh's endless positivity and happiness that means kids all over the world are still reading and loving his adventures today. I saw the picture below the other day and it reminded me that I've been meaning to do a happy post for a while, and basically I'm one of those annoying people who adore positive quotes and dish them out all the time but struggle to live by them myself. But I'm trying. Anyway I'm basically going to post some positive quotes (with some help from Tumblr, ahem) and videos etc. So, as Sting says, "Spread a little happiness!" Brace yourself for a suitably cheesy post.

Also cute animals :). Sleeping puppies will always make me happy and Quokkas must be the happiest things on the planet. I mean, seriously, look at its little face. 

This Eeyore quote is probably quite appropriate for anyone living in the UK, I mean it's April and it's been snowing all day today! Apparently Spring doesn't exist anymore... but at least no earthquakes, yay!!

Another reason why I've related this post to Winnie the Pooh is a book which I first read a few years ago and recently came back to: The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet. It's a really amazing book and can make you feel happy in yourself just through reading the first chapter. It basically relates Pooh and all of his friends to Chinese Taoist beliefs - which I think is basically the art of simply being and taking every day as it comes. But yes, a really good book if you ever get the chance to read it. 

And finally, no positivity post would be complete without some very cheesy songs. Apparently 'I make my own sunshine' was on some kind of American DIY store advert at some point but personally it sounds more like it should be on a yoghurt advert to me. 'Spread a little happiness' just makes me laugh because Sting never really looks quite at home when singing it. I can't remember what film it's from but I like to think it would be a good one :). 

Blogger is being really annoying about the alignment of videos so they're just going to have to be messy. Anyway, for what remains of the day Happy Thursday!!